WIB Panels

Discover the amazing Acana Piel modular and adhesive wall panels with Velcro tape!

6 different and combinable designs to create your own headboard without nails, in an easy, quick and clean way.

The W.I.B. Panel is a registered product, designed and manufactured by Acana Piel. It is a modular-upholstered panel, perfect for custom design of your bedroom headboard or upholstered wall.

It is also perfect for decorating walls and adding warmth with our upholstery. It can also function as a sound-absorbing or heat-insulating panel.

The mounting is very simple, as it is attached to the wall by means of a strong VELCRO tape specially designed for walls. This adhesive system is clean, fast and light, allowing you to shape any wall in a unique way without the need for nails.